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    • 28 MAY 18
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    What’s Better for You: Invisalign or Braces?

    What’s Better for You: Invisalign or Braces?

    Did you know that having crooked teeth leads to dental health problems?

    It’s true. And if your smile is less than perfect, you have to start worrying about your gum health too. But does that mean you need metal glued to your teeth?

    Actually, it’s not as uncommon as you think. In 2012, one in three of people seeking braces were adults. Although the primary reason is to achieve a straighter smile, the benefits of orthodontic treatments go beyond this.

    Also, this shows that teeth straightening in adults isn’t as embarrassing as you might think–especially with Invisalign. This revolutionary treatment gives adults the chance to reap the benefits of a straighter, healthier smile.

    Best of all, they can achieve this without the need to wear traditional metal wires and brackets.

    Before committing to any teeth straightening options, let’s give you the facts about crooked teeth and their possible solutions.

    What Causes Crooked Teeth?

    Crooked teeth are not a rare occurrence. Genetics can play a big part in the development of your smile. Over the course of your growth, adult teeth tend to crowd in your mouth.

    Depending on your genes, your jaw might not be large enough to accommodate those new teeth. Of course, it’s not all because of your family. Our diets changed over the course of our evolution, and softer foods made human jaws smaller.

    There are a few non-genetic reasons that can also cause crooked teeth. Anything from oral problems in childhood to treatments gone wrong can contribute to this problem.

    The Possible Dangers of Malocclusions

    The promotion of oral health is the reason why young people benefit most from braces. Along with aesthetic reasons, straightening your teeth earlier means you future avoid dental problems.

    For example, malocclusions cause many extra spaces to remain open in your mouth. It also makes cleaning them harder, as you’ll find it difficult to reach those nooks.

    The lack of cleaning makes the spaces susceptible to gum disease. At the same time, bacteria tend to hang around longer in your mouth. Stagnant bacteria then turn into plaque, which exacerbates the problem.

    Hidden bacteria buildup also makes your bad breath last longer. So along with a less-than-stellar smile, you may be repelling people around you without knowing it.

    Another more annoying problem is that protruding teeth can cause you to bite your inner cheek. The resulting sores can be painful, not to mention increasing the possibility of injuries and infections.

    Excessive friction of crowded teeth also wears down enamel over time. Scraping away that protection makes you more susceptible to disease.

    Certain cases of malocclusions (crooked teeth) can be harmless. But there are situations where leaving them alone causes more problems. It’s for this reason that you should explore your options and find out how much braces cost.

    The Solutions to Crooked Teeth

    Luckily, the Invisalign system can help fix these problems. But before you focus all your time on Googling “how much is Invisalign,” you should examine all your options first.

    Braces are usually the go-to solution for teeth straightening. The best time to apply braces is ages 8 to 14. Bone and tooth development happen rapidly during these years.

    Although better while young, older teenagers and adults can still get braces. Putting in braces can solve differing levels of crookedness in your teeth, which makes it a good choice for people with major issues.

    Invisalign functions like a harder retainer. They slip onto the teeth and start straightening them with gentle pressure. Over the course of a year or so, you’ll change to different trays, gradually perfecting your smile alignment.

    They can also work through complex levels of misalignment. At the same time, because they are clear, they’re much less embarrassing to wear in public.

    Veneers are very different in that they cover teeth rather than straightening them. Aesthetically, veneers are pleasing because they are the perfect version of your smile.

    But unless you’ve suffered heavy damage on your teeth, you should consider going for dental braces or Invisalign.

    Invisalign or Braces: Which Is Best for You?

    So, in the battle of Invisalign vs braces, which one’s the most effective straightener? Well, that depends on your budget and how bad the condition of your teeth misalignment is.

    Braces are cumbersome and the metal can be hard to adjust to. Over time, your mouth starts to acclimatize to the gear. Initially, you may experience pain and even develop sores on your inner cheek.

    Cleaning is also difficult for braces because of the brackets. If you want to avoid getting food stuck in your braces, then your diet will have to change.

    Cost-wise, braces can be cheaper than Invisalign. They can also deal with more complex problems.

    Because Invisalign is clear, you can be less stressed about your appearance. Unless someone’s looking for them in your mouth, then no one will be the wiser.

    They can also work with varying misalignment severity through the use of tooth-coloured dots. The dots deal with teeth that protrude further than most. Results are usually quick and you’ll see improvement in your teeth after a few weeks.

    They’re also a bit pricier than braces. Invisalign cost covers the different tray types. Eating with a tray on is a no-no because of possible damage to the aligner.

    The Final Verdict

    When it comes right down to it, neither option has a huge advantage over the other. Braces can help deal with severe crookedness and are cheaper. While maintenance is a bit high, the end results are effective.

    If you’re not willing to compromise aesthetics and have the budget, then Invisalign is the choice. It can discretely fix your teeth and the trays can work for an active lifestyle.

    Whatever the case may be, your priority is to find the option which keeps you healthy. Of course, oral health shouldn’t have to break the budget either.

    So why don’t you find the option that’s right for you today? Connect with us now so we can help you make the right choice.

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