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    Here’s How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

    Here’s How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

    When you look at movie stars, they all have perfect white teeth – and they definitely weren’t born that way. Professional teeth whitening helped them to get those pearly whites.

    Considering getting a movie star white smile? Getting an improved smile can change your life. Teeth whitening can seem like an intimidating process at first, but not once you know all the facts.

    How Teeth Whitening Works

    There are a lot of myths about teeth whitening out there. In-office teeth whitening is a fairly straightforward procedure. The bleach used by your dentist will typically contain carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as active ingredients in 10-22% concentrations, which work to remove both surface stains and deep stains.

    Before you begin the process, your dentist will record the current colour of your teeth so that you can see the change before and after the whitening.

    Next, your teeth are polished and cleaned so that you don’t have any impurities in your teeth during the process and that all plaque is removed.

    Your dentist will use gauze to keep your teeth dry during the whitening. Retractors may also be used in order to keep your tongue or lips from coming into contact with the whitening solution.

    Your gums need to be protected as well. A barrier is placed on the gumline to prevent any exposure to the solution. This ensures that only the teeth themselves are being exposed to the chemical agents.

    Once your mouth has been prepared, the teeth are coated in the whitening solution on the front of the teeth only.

    Most of the time, the whitening agents will be activated with a laser or a curing light. This light causes the peroxide to begin working. Once it’s activated, the solution is left on the teeth for a period of thirty to sixty minutes.

    After the appropriate time has passed, the solution is removed and rinsed away. A fluoride solution may be available to prevent the teeth from becoming too sensitive.

    Your dentist will schedule follow-up appointments for you if you require more than one session to achieve the shade you’re going for. If you’re satisfied with your tooth colour after one visit, then you won’t need to make any additional appointments. They will also likely advise you to stay away from food that’s easily going to stain your teeth for at least a day.


    After whitening, you’ll likely experience teeth sensitivity, especially if your teeth were already sensitive. There are several things you can do to alleviate the pain, like taking ibuprofen or using speciality toothpaste.

    If you have unbearable sensitivity after whitening, there are other ways to find relief, including desensitising agents and reducing the amount of time that you wear the bleach trays. The less concentrated the amount of bleach that you use, the less sensitive your teeth are going to be after whitening.

    At-Home Whitening Kit

    If you decide you’d rather get professional whitening at home, your dentist can give you a kit that’s custom-fitted to your teeth after taking a dental impression. Usually, these trays take about one to two weeks to make.

    The kits are custom-made because it helps to reduce waste of the whitening solution and ensure that it’s properly distributed to all of your teeth. Like with in-office whitening, the initial shade of your teeth is still recorded for comparison purposes, and to see if you still want to add whitening solution or make touch-ups.

    When you have the trays, you use them for about a two week period on average for an hour each day. These at-home kits are much more effective at removing stains than over the counter kits, although they are slightly more expensive. That’s because they’re custom fitted and usually contain a higher amount of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

    Over the Counter Whitening

    There’s a number of over the counter, less intensive treatments available for teeth whitening, but unfortunately, they are much less effective than professional teeth whitening. The effects are not as long-lasting as professional procedures, and

    Whitening toothpaste can help in removing surface stains in the teeth, but won’t work to effectively remove deep stains in the teeth that are causing discolouration. Only in office whitening can provide you with bleach, which whitens your teeth up to eight shades while toothpaste can provide only about one shade.

    Teeth whitening strips are peroxide-based gels that you place directly onto your teeth. The results last a few months, and can also lighten the teeth about one shade more. Usually, you have to go through about ten or more treatments for this method to be the most effective.

    You can also use a whitening rinse, but because it only contacts your teeth for about sixty seconds, there isn’t an enormous amount of colour change that’s noticeable after use.

    Keep Them That Way

    Once you’ve gone through the teeth whitening process, you don’t want to go back to having yellowed teeth and want to keep the stains away.

    Steer clear of beverages and foods that cause tooth colouration. In the beverage category, wine, coffee, and tea are the main culprits of tooth staining. With foods, berries, dark sauces, and hard candy can all contribute to stains.

    If you have a coffee habit, drink the coffee through a straw so that it doesn’t touch your teeth. And if you smoke, not only is your health at risk, but it will stain your teeth.

    Stop Thinking, Start Doing

    You’re never fully dressed without a smile, and you’ll never be fully confident if you’re worried about the colour of your teeth.

    Don’t sit around waiting to improve your life. Actually, take the steps to improve your teeth, and each day you’ll have more reasons to smile.

    Make sure you go to a dentist you can trust. They’ll go over the different types of teeth whitening with you, and have the experience you need to rest easy when you put your smile in their hands. Once you whiten your teeth, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner

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